Group Leader Criteria

As a group leader you will represent LeaderImpact to your group members. We care about our brand and reputation and the experience leaders have as they engage with LeaderImpact.

There are 3 key criteria we feel are essential for Group Leaders. 

  • Commitment – you are committed to the time and dedication required which is about an 1 hour per week for a year (breaks at Christmas and July/August).
  • Culture – you fit the core distinctions of LeaderImpact.
  • Christian – because of our Spiritual development component of LeaderImpact, group leaders are required to be a committed and mature Christian




If you fit the group leader criteria, the following steps are designed to help you start your group.   

a.       Interview with a Leader

b.       Locking in Group Details  

c.       Take our Group Launch Training  

d.       Launch your Group 


Starting a group is pretty simple – but it’s not easy. We’re here to help you with the following resources.

a. Starting a Group - Training Videos

b. Global LeaderHub  - Our central place for all Leaders

c. Group Leader Coaches

First step is to receive the full Group Starter Package by giving us your group information by clicking the Start a Group button below and then contact us to set-up a time to connect.

Have questions? Contact:  Office: 1-407-826-2742

Start a Group

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