How do you lead yourself as a leader    Leadership is best defined not by what we do when things go well but rather how we behave when things are hard.     Most of us can lead well when results are high, the team collaborates, processes work well and the competition is weak. The test is how we behave when tension is high, there seems to be no solution, our managers can't get along or people are ready to leave the boat.         How are you leading yourself  so that you can lead your team better?      Join us on April 20th, 5 pm CET with leaders from all over Europe. Our guest is Wouter Droppers, consultant and mentor for business leaders for more than 35 years. He has served as the president of several companies in the automotive sector and currently is president of Europartners, a European movement for Christian Business leaders.         We will interact on:  what makes leaders fall in times for crisis, or even in high success ? how can we make self-leadership a priority in our busy lives? how do we recover from failure? See you there,   LeaderImpact Europe Team

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